Our Story

Udoscape Gives Back

Udoscape is committed to philanthropy, both in the educational and medical sectors, starting from Nigeria to other nations in Africa.

Funding Medical Care

Udoscape is committed to helping establish small health clinics in West Africa, beginning with Nigeria. These clinics are specifically designed to manage and treat some of the most common ailments in that region, where access to health care is often limited.

Udoscape is also dedicated to helping offset the cost of the salaries of the health care professionals in these clinics, as well as offering monthly medical scholarships to at least 10 patients per clinic.

Funding Education

Udoscape is currently dedicated to helping Goodnews Heritage Academy, a 38-year-old school, convert into a fully tuition-free institution. Approximately 1,000 students attend the educational institution in Nigeria, which schools students from kindergarten through high school, and we aim to achieve a tuition-free model by 2025.

Every time you enjoy a getaway at Udoscape, you’re helping to fund a child’s education. Not only will you enjoy a one-of-a-kind glamping experience, but you’ll also leave with the comfort of knowing you’ve helped improve lives.


How Does Udoscape Make a Difference?

Beyond helping you create your dream stay, Udoscape is dedicated to giving back to our community through business relationships, employing locals, and being an environmentally friendly business. Every time you stay with Udoscape, you help make a difference, too!